What to pack in your hospital bag.


Ah, the hospital bag. Something that should be packed from at least 32 weeks but typical me packed it late, very late! I only realised what I actually needed after a being admitted luckily before I went onto give birth. So I had a test run of said Hospital Bag. And, well lets say I had to call my mum for back up and a few told you so’s 🙂

But it’s not my fault, the whole hospital bag thing stressed me out and made it all feel more “Real” I’m not sure what I was more stressed out about, the delivery itself or the hospital bag?!

I might of overpacked slightly, (But I much rather be overpacked than underpacked!) so I’ve made this list for all you mummies to be out there in the hope that it might help you!

Might be good to note I stayed in for a while longer than most but this list is bog standard for a 3 day stay.


  • Front opening nightwear (Check Out Seraphine 4 in 1 Hospital bag night set) – easy peasy for feeding, opt for a couple of options, night dress for just after birth (think buttons or easy access ) Think Pyjamas (with trousers) – Trust me when I say you wont want to be walking around the ward in a nightdress. Nice to have a couple of options incase you get messy.
  • Dressing down
  • Going home clothes – forget looking like Kate Middleton post delivery! Pack loose fitting clothes (especially bottoms) or even your maternity clothes will do.
  • Hospital day clothes – loose fitting, comfortable, and easy access for feeding.
  • Socks – although you are super hot during labour, your feet get cold!  Will need these after too.
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries – decant into travel sized bottles or buy the minis from Boots/Superdrug.
  • Lipbalm – your lips become very dry during labour so
  • Make up – yes, make up. I felt so gross post-labour that I needed to feel somewhat fresh and was glad that I packed this.
  • Spritz Your Bits  – this stuff is AMAZING.
  • Breast pads – I forgot these!
  • Nursing bras – You will want a couple with you
  • Large, black underwear – M&S do some really comfy ones too that are called Flexi just make sure they are big enough to cover you, especially if you have a C-section.
  • Maternity and birth notes
  • Arnica cream or tablets
  • Disposable pants – a complete lifesaver!!
  • Charger – Try to pick up an extra long lead


  • Baby vests (x6)
  • 3 outfits (sleepsuit, hat, mitten, and socks) – I’d recommend bringing two newborn outfits and one “up to 1 month” size incase baby is a little bigger. A great tip I found was to put each outfit (including a vest), into a labelled ziplock bag (e.g. “outfit for when he is first born”, “going home outfit”) so it is easy for the midwife/birthing partner to grab the correct outfit when baby is first born.
  • Hat to wear home
  • Muslin squares
  • Blanket – to keep him all warm and cosy!
  • Nappies I used Kit Kin and Cotton Wool
  • Car seat –  IMPORTANT as they won’t let you home without one! We bought the Maxicosi Pebble Plus.
  • We also bought a KURA organic carseat blanket (don’t use the snow/pram suit with the carseats)

Did you have any must-haves or items that you wish you’d left out of your hospital bag? Leave a comment below!

Lots Of Love

Tash xx



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