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Batteries Not Included is possibly the most dreaded gift label for a parent to discover on Christmas Day. Yet nearly half the battery-operated toys on top Christmas 2021 lists don’t include any batteries. By the battery retailer found that more than a third of parents (35%) have forgotten to buy the correct batteries for their children’s Christmas gifts – leading to tears and tantrums on the big day.

Not being able to play with those BRAND NEW toys can really abridge Christmas cheer, so don’t let this happen to your family. Forgetting to include batteries with gifts is actually a common holiday faux pas. Don’t be the parent who has to bolt out of the house in your Christmas jammies to save the day—just be prepared with

We compiled three tips to help you step up your holiday battery game.

  1. Assemble and Power Up Complicated Toys before Gifting Them to Kids

Avoid the hassle of having to assemble a toy during the middle of a holiday celebration by building the toy beforehand. For starters, it saves wrapping paper, and it allows the kids to start playing with their new toy as soon as possible. Try topping it with a big bow or ribbon to make it festive. There’s nothing like running down the stairs Christmas morning and seeing your Christmas train or walkie talkies sitting under the tree, ready for action. Installing batteries ahead of time also can save time on Christmas morning, especially with all the excitement that’s happening.

2. Put Batteries in Kids’ Stockings or Hang Them on the Christmas Tree

Toss a couple packs of Duracell  batteries inside the kids’ stockings. Pulling batteries out of stocking might not make them ecstatic at first, but once they’re looking to get their toys up and running, they’ll appreciate those AAs and always good to have a few extras stored away for future use.

3. Stock Up Now

Right now is prime time to stock up on batteries, its made even easier by all your battery needs under one roof.

While you might not need a ton of batteries to power up your kids’ toys, think ahead. Having an extra stash of batteries can come in handy, especially when your toddler is in the middle of watching the Christmas train go round and round and then its running low on juice. It’s a way to ruin the magic in one swoop.

Keep the holidays #lit and long-lasting with the power of  batteries. Don’t leave it to chance order your batteries now


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