Avoid the tears don’t forget the batteries.


How to avoid the tears on Christmas morning.

Have you ever opened the perfect gift? The one you’ve been waiting for and you go to find the batteries to fire it up and you don’t have the right batteries? We have all been there but for toddlers it can be the difference between a tears and a morning of delight.


Battery Tips

In my 16 years of being a mother, I’ve learned a few battery tricks.

  • Keep batteries on hand at home.
  • When you head out for that holiday trip, bring extra batteries for the special toys that your kids bring.
  • Keep extra batteries in the car if you have the wireless headphones so you can be sure you do not have to listen to Frozen again.
  • When you buy a toy, ALWAYS check if it needs batteries and then head over to my favourite site www.buyabattery.co.uk because where else would you go for all your battery needs. 
  • If you buy a gift for someone, buy the batteries too.

This Christmas BuyaBattery.co.uk is urging parents not to forget the batteries when it comes to the big day. In fact research by the battery retailer found that more than a third of parents (35%) have forgotten to buy the correct batteries for their children’s Christmas gifts – leading to tears and tantrums on the big day.

We have joined forces with Buyabattery.co.uk to test the latest children’s toys and gadgets as part of its campaign to urge parents not to forget the batteries this Christmas Day.

Avoid the tears and order yours today www.buyabattery.co.uk


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