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Where do I start with this little gem, Project Baby had the pleasure of reviewing the CYBEX Zeno the answer for every parent wanting to keep fit and healthy but finding no time for the Gym. We are lucky enough to live by the sea in Brighton so running along the promenade was a breeze.

CYBEX really has gone above and beyond for active parents when designing this unique multisports trailer! Not only can you use it as a more traditional running pushchair with the handlebar, but you can also purchase the Pull Running Kit for hands-free running and then not forgetting Cycling, there’s a cycling kit you can purchase separately that you attach to your bike to use it as a bike trailer. We know as parents it can be hard to find the time to exercise and juggle family life but ZENO just lets you bring them along for the ride. 

When buying the ZENO, you can buy the chassis and seat separately to completely customise your look, or as an all-in-one package that works out slightly cheaper.

Building the Zeno for the first time does take a bit of time and patience, as the wheels need putting on (easy) and the seat fabrics and hood attaching to the chassis. But once together you won’t have to do these parts again. Phew!

Tech Specs

Suitability – From 6 months to approx. 4 years (111 cm or 22 kg max.)
 – Frame £499.95, Seat Pack £239.95, One Box £719.95, Pull Running Kit £169.95, Cycling Kit £124.95.
Seat Pack Colours
 – Silver Pink, Bleached Sand, Medal Grey, Maliblue, and All Black
Frame Colours
 – Black/Pink, Creme/Orange and Black/Black
 – 12.5kg
 – L1400-1550 x W685 x H1040-1220 (mm)
Folded Size
 – L995 x W580 x H350 (mm)

Lets get to know the ZENO

It has been designed for use on flat terrain and is made with a lightweight aluminum frame much like a road bike, for a smooth ride. The whole thing weighs only 12.5kg.

There is nothing like the Zeno on the market to date, it is sleek and stylish, and multifunctional, the one thing I love about CYBEX as a brand is they don’t compromise. My Husband had a go he is a much faster runner than myself and he really could run at speed without the pushchair feeling wobbly or unstable.

The ZENO has three large 20″ air-filled tyres. As always there’s a risk of puncture with any air tyre, but as you’ll be covering paths and roads, it should be minimal and is definitely worth it for the smooth ride.

If you were wanting to use it for more general use, like everyday shopping you might find it’s quite wide for in the shop doors.

It’s great for one-handed steering when walking or push running. The handlebar is adjustable in height by lifting up the white flap and pulling up or down. Really simple. There is also a hand strap and it’s recommended that you use the stap that’s provided this is to prevent it from running away from you.

Like all prams, there’s a foot brake near the back right wheel, and there is also a hand brake. The hand brake is super useful to control the speed when running downhill and not losing control over the pram.

The ZENO seat doesn’t have a recline it can be used from 6 months of age, however, it can’t be used for running until 9 months, this is to ensure the child has sufficient head and neck control when moving at speed.

The seat is like a little cubby hole for any child to be kept warm and dry in all weather conditions. If the weather is hot there’s a mesh vent on either side to help keep the airflow. It comes complete with its own rain cover.

The seat is nicely padded to give the ultimate comfort for your little one. We tested the Zeno with Quincy who is three years old and 15kg there’s plenty of space and room to grow and he doesn’t feel heavy when pulling or pushing. The seat also has a 5 point harness and buckle that have padded straps to keep them secure in the seat. The maximum child weight limit of the ZENO is 22kg, 111cm, and around 4 years old.

The total load weight is 34kg.

CYBEX ZENO – the fold

For something that is so multifunctional and sturdy, it still has an amazingly compact fold and it doesn’t take long at all.

To fold push both white buttons on the side of the frame until the indicator changes to red, then push them forwards to drop the main seat section down. Now remove the wheels with the button in the center, unclip and slide out your front wheel, and pop it all on top to keep it smartly together, and that’s it. This fitted perfectly into our Evoque with plenty of space to spare.

CYBEX ZENO – Pull Running Kit

CYBEX has cleverly introduced something that allows you to run completely free. When pull running it means this is connected to your waist and you run hands-free.

CYBEX ZENO – Cycling Kit

This will be popular for lots of families especially during covid times when we are all being encouraged to cycle more as well as the ability to keep up your fitness. Of course, there’s plenty of bike trailers on the market but the ZENO really does stand out from the crowd! Remember Baby must be at least 6 months old to travel with the Cycling Kit, and also old enough to wear a helmet for every ride too.

What we think…

Well, where do I start.. I LOVE it.

Hubby without a doubt loved the pulling feature he said it was nice to just run carefree.

Personally, I loved the cycling feature for me to have all these options is a game-changer, I love that it does it all. Now I don’t have to buy a running pram and a bike trailer the ZENO does it all.

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