Tiny Love – not so tiny on fun


 Tiny Farm™ Gymini® Kick & Play

Tiny Love have produced these rather gorgeous activity mat’s with adjustable arches that provide different play modes to help with your baby’s development and continued growth.

The part I love the most is the musical feature it has various activities to keep the little one entertained and creates the perfect sensory play station. It also has  this cute peek-a-boo tree an electronic bird that plays musical tunes.

All of the playmats Tiny Love create help promotes baby’s development and stimulates the following developmental wonders: Cognition, language and communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, senses, imagination and creativity and emotional intelligence.

They can be popped in the washing machine, so easily washed. They are of lovely quality with the mats come in a variety of vibrant colours and themes including monochrome, Black and White (My favourite :/ )

Here is what our Editor had to say:-  There certainly a good variety toys to keep the little one entertained and to touch. I love the bright colours and the musical aspect really ample to help with all the development challenges our little ones face.

One thing I often get asked is “Will it look good in my home?” absolutely. There’s a theme to meet everyones needs and style.

NOTE :- whilst it is super easy to wash I wouldn’t tumble dry. Just leave to air dry.

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