Enjoy a luxury box of goodies delivered to your door


Thank You for all your orders and patience during these challenging times, we are all learning to adapt and everyone experiencing their own delays. We can only but apologies for not getting the boxes out as quickly as we would have liked too.

We may not getting everything right first time but we are pretty good at putting it right. If there is a problem with anything please drop us an email.

For now, we have sold out of boxes for now, we are awaiting some new stock and once this arrives we can offer more boxes. If you would like a box please drop us an email to be put on a waiting list.

You can always reach us by emailing natasha@project-baby.co.uk

Thank you for all your orders…

If you would like to order a box please email us and once we have finished fulfilling these orders we can let you know and take your order. 


  1. Hi there I ordered one of your boxes from the baby show I have received the box and I’m amazed how lovely the contents are that I would like to order another one for my sister in law who has just announced that she’s expecting! Would this be possible please? 😊

  2. Hi there I ordered on of your project baby box from the baby show and I’m really pleased with the contents, my sister in law has just announced that she is expecting and I would love to be able to get her one of these boxes!


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