Revolutionary New Base Layer Clothing Range Launches
to Help Protect, Heal and Soothe Sensitive or Irritated Skin

According to the British Skin Foundation, one in every five children in the UK is affected by eczema at some point, but currently there is no single treatment that can alleviate the condition. The most common treatments are emollients (moisturisers), which often need to be applied every day, in some cases multiple times.

Why HappySkin®?
As an alternative remedy to applying messy and time-consuming topical creams, the new HappySkin® base layer clothing can be used to relieve scratching and itching symptoms of a child’s dry, irritated skin, even in cases of mild-to-moderate eczema.

Offering a simple, quick and convenient solution, HappySkin® gently wraps little ones in a pure white, super-soft, lightweight and comfortable base layer, which will help soothe and protect their skin.

What Makes HappySkin Different?
HappySkin® clothing incorporates an innovative polymer technology (DreamSkin®), which is applied to the fabric. When wearing HappySkin®, the clothing helps to increase the natural flow of moisture and regulate the skin’s temperature, so it’s never too warm or too cool. Plus, HappySkin® forms a next-to-skin barrier to provide protection against skin irritants often found in washing detergents, which can lead to further irritation.

HappySkin® products are made with TENCEL fabric, making them premium quality, high performance base layers, which are suitable for even the youngest children.

Whats in the collection?
The HappySkin® Collection
HappySkin® is a range of base layers, which are designed to be worn next to the skin. For maximum comfort the garments include off-set, flat seams to ensure minimal irritation. The range is available from HappySkin and includes:
Baby leggings with foldaway feet – RRP: £15.99, Sizes 6-m-3yrs.
Baby bodysuit with foldaway mitts (to reduce scratch damage) – RRP: £13.99. Sizes 6-m-3yrs.
Sleepsuit – RRP: £19.99 Sizes 6-m-3yrs.
Unisex footless leggings – RRP: £18.99. Sizes 3yrs-10yrs.
Unisex round neck tops – RRP: £18.99 Sizes 3yrs-10yrs.
Pyjama Set – RRP: £34.99 Sizes 3-10 years
Socks – RRP: £8.99. Size 9- 12 & 2.5-3.5 yrs.
Gloves – RRP: £9.99. Size 3-4- & 5-9 yrs.

About the Polymer:
HappySkin® incorporates DreamSkin® Polymer Technology, which is used in a sister range of clothing available on NHS prescription, to treat moderate to severe eczema.

The DreamSkin® polymer is integrated into the surface of the fabric to support the water and temperature regulation functions of the skin.

DreamSkin® was inspired by the technology used to keep contact lenses hydrated and then re-engineered to produce a similar effect, when applied to fabric.

In tests, skin was proven to recover 3.3 times faster when using DreamSkin® Polymer products, compared to using untreated fabrics.

The HappySkin® Range…
Helps to break the itch-scratch cycle of dry, irritated skin.
Is proven to relieve mild-to-moderate cases of eczema.
Soothes and protects all types of sensitive skin.
Helps aid skin repair.
Encourages a restful night’s sleep.
Is super-soft, lightweight and the ultimate in comfort.

What Project Baby have to say :-

I grew up in a household where my younger sister couldn’t stand clothes because of her eczema, anything with a seam or a label or anything in-fact would irritate her like mad she would of loved Happy Skin 28 years ago. I can really see how these would make wearing clothes and other garments more bearable. The fabric is super soft and subtle. I think theres going to be alot more happy little people running around with HAPPYSKIN and Happy skin = Happy Baby = Happy parents. RESULT.


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