Top tips to baby-proof your home – Safety first


AAccording to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) ‘Over 76,000 children under the age of 14 are admitted for treatment of which over 40% are under 5 years of age’. As a parent you will take every precaution needed to ensure that your little one is safe. The great thing is Safety 1st have all bases covered to make your home safe for little wanderers. Here’s their top tips for safety around the house.

  1. Little adventurers are often drawn to plug sockets and any connecting switches so it’s a good idea to keep these covered as soon as they start to crawl. With so many appliances and plug points, little fingers are sure to explore so Safety 1st Socket Covers (RRP £1.99 for six) are a must. Made of non-conductible plastic, these little covers are designed for UK three prong plug sockets and prevent children from inserting fingers and objects into the sockets.
  2. Every door in the home is a potential trap for fingers, especially to children who have a fascination with opening and closing the door. You can prevent catching little fingers or limbs with Safety 1st Finger Pincher Preventer (RRP £2.99) and Safety 1st Slam Stopper 2 in 1 (RRP £4.99).  These clever contraptions fit all doors and prevent kids from getting locked-in, you can’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind.
  3. The trouble is that with your little ones roaming the house, you’re always on your toes. For our loveable minis, sharp edges which are often at head height. Prevent bumps and scratches by using corner covers like Safety 1st Soft Corner Guards (RRP £9.99). These little covers have a soft gel design, which offers better protection for a rounded shape at all angles. The easy to use adhesive also makes then quick to add and remove from surfaces and their clear gel appearance means that they are almost undetectable.
  4. Did you know that according to RoSPA ‘every year more than 4,200 children are involved in falls on the stairs’? Keep your staircase is out of bounds with the use of a stair gate. All Safety 1st stair gates include the ‘Simply/Auto-Close Metal Gate’ collection which feature SecurTechSecurTech is an indicator which ensures that your gate is fitted correctly and closed properly, the red indicator shows that you need to amend your gate and the green indicator shows that everything is A-OK!

We’ve got a wide range of safety gates to choose from dependent on your needs including Safety 1stSimply-Close Metal Gate (RRP £24.00), Safety 1st Travel Safety Barrier (RRP £25.00) and Safety 1stModular 3 Multi-Panel Gate (RRP £60.00). All our gates are easy to fit with our 4-point pressure fitting, contain a wide walk-through section and use a one-handed opening and slam-shut closing mechanism.

Safety 1st have many options and products to protect your home and keep little ones safe and sound. From newborn to crawlers, walkers and beyond Safety 1st offer advice on all products and which are right for your circumstance:


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