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The Multy – Ninnananna

An innovative new nursery product which lasts from birth to the age of 10 changing through four stages to be a crib, a highchair, a child’s seat and provide essential storage space is about to hit shops across the UK after five years in development.

The Multy, which has been developed in the UK and Sweden, boasts a number of unique aspects to its design and manufacture which have helped it attract the interest of many of the UK’s leading baby and child product retailers.Firstly, its stylish crib has been designed not only to rock forward and backwards to mimic the gentle rocking of a baby in its parent’s arms, but for the crib to fix in various slightly tilted positions, to help babies suffering with reflux and struggling to sleep (estimated to be around 40 per cent).

Uniquely, The Multy then converts into a highchair once a baby is too big for the crib and ready to start sitting up, freeing up the crib to be converted into an attractive and spacious storage system, which can be stood on a floor or fixed to a wall.

The highchair then finally concerts to a child’s seat, which can be used to around the age of 10 (but can actually withstand the weight of most adults).

The Multy was a product born out of a father’s love and dedication to his new son, as Ninnananna director Greg Feehally’s baby boy, Winston, was unfortunately suffering from repeated tummy ache and reflux, and therefore struggled to sleep in his first few months.

Greg, an experienced carpenter, said: Research told me he’d be more comfortable laying at an angled position, and he loved being rocked to sleep, so I set to work and combined the two elements and he was soon soundly sleeping through the night.

It was then, as a parent, I got to thinking about what an expensive purchase a crib can be, given they only last a handful of months. It was then I looked to see how the product could develop, and introducing the highchair made perfect sense, as it is another key purchase for any new parents.

It has been a long road to get to this stage and finally see the product start getting out there, but we have been very focussed on designing a superior product, manufactured to the highest standard, and providing excellent value for money, he said. ìIt has been tough at times, as margins have been tight, but we’ve never budged on quality.

The key was to provide a product which plays a key role in family life from the birth of a child to the age of 10. That’s what makes The Multy unique and great value, and we believe that is why we are now seeing such a buzz and such interest around our product. It has made the hard work worthwhile.

Project Baby Review

We love the concept of the Multy making your money go further without compromising the quality of the product. It was surprisingly simple to convert from stage to stage, it doesn’t come with a mattress but these are easily available and Project Baby highly recommend Little Green Sheep mattresses. For under £200 it really is money well spent, you cannot buy a crib and a highchair for £200 without even thinking about the storage options.

I loved how you can tilt the crib, gone are the days when you need to roll a blanket up and prop under the mattress if your baby is suffering from Colic or reflux. The high chair aspect is suitable to 10 years but It takes my weight as an adult and is very sturdy. I love the storage aspect, you can never get enough storage. Can you?

I would highly recommend the Multy to any parent who is looking for a product that is real value for money at the highest quality.


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