Cybex Balios S

OKAY! its no secret I am a BIG fan of Cybex as a brand, not only are all the products to a high quality, products built to last. Whilst they make sure that each product is nothing but quality they make sure they don’t compromise on the style. I can’t get enough.

So why do I like the Balios S?

The Balios S features beautiful seat fabrics, hand-stitched handle and bumper bars the quality is second to none.

Let’s talk about the seat. The seat is very roomy with a taller head height than normal,  the seat is very comfortable and well padded. The recline on the stroller uses just one-hand and truly lies flat. You can even use the stroller seat for a newborn with the adjustable footrest lifted upwards. The canopy is extendable to provide great coverage if you get caught in the rain (with no rain covers like me) #parentfail or for those sunny days.

The handlebar can be adjusted to multiple heights to accommodate both taller and shorter parents.

The frame is super lightweight, however at times it felt like it was rather back heavy and I was quiet cautious to make sure that I didn’t hang too many bags on the handle bars alone.

It comes complete with an incredibly large basket is easy to access and can hold up to 5 kg. So not the biggest on the market but can certainly take a good amount of shopping.

Let’s talk about the fold – it’s two step, but needs just one hand so it’s really easy, once you have played around a few times. Don’t be put off with not getting it first time there is a   knack to it. When the Balios S is not in use, it can be easily folded with the one-hand folding mechanism for self-standing storage (41 x 60 x 75 cm), even with the parent-facing seat unit.

The Wheels, My Husband would say that the wheels are the most important part of any pram and I have to agree! No one likes to be going for a walk with the whole pram shaking.   This stroller features all four wheels with great suspension, ensuring a smooth ride for both parent and child. From the cobbled streets in Italy to the surrey country side.

It’s pretty compact for a full-size stroller.

The Balios S stroller frame can be used as a 3-in-1 travel system. Simply attach the matching Cot S, the matching seat unit, or the CYBEX infant carseat.

The stroller is available in three colors and there is a matching carrycot as well.

So overall, Project Baby love the CYBEX Balios S affordable for all at RRP from:- £399.99 from  



  1. This is a great stroller and I love the Cybex brand as we also have the Cybex Aton Q infant seat which we love. But we had a horrible experience with this stroller. The first two we received were defective as the first one had a cut in the handle bar and the 2nd one had a chipped frame so we couldn’t attach the seat to it. Both had to be taken back and now we are on our 3rd one which is okay so far. Besides this, the stroller is great, light weight and our baby loves it. The room for improvement comes in with the fold. Although it is not difficult to fold, it isn’t easy to open the stroller once folded. Since the seat is smaller, it ends up on top of the handle bar and the rest of the frame so when you open the stroller, the seat and canopy end up getting stuck outside of the handlebar. I even had the sales person at the store show me how to fold and open just in case I was doing something wrong and he experienced the same issue. Overall, this isn’t a big issue for us since we don’t open/fold the stroller too often but it might be for others.


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