Project Baby Awards 2018 – Winners announced


Project Baby Awards 2018 are now closed.

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Why are we different?
Three Hundred parent judges, tried and tested by the people who really count. Real Mums and Dads. It’s so important to ask those who are going to be purchasing your products for their vote direct. They can’t do this by simply seeing a picture, they need to feel, touch & see.

Project Baby will recognise the essential parenting products and brands that our readers love.

Our winners are:- 

Project Baby Awards 2018

Best Baby Changing Bag 

Gold:- Isoki – Balmain

Silver:- K’Lea – Tan Lux

Bronze:- Idaho Jones

Best Baby’s First Outfit

Gold :- Emile et rose

Silver :- Zippy Up

Bronze :- Squidge & Smudge

Best Baby Health Product

Gold :- Harry & Rose Nappy Spray

Silver :- BetterYou Multi Vit Junior Oral spray

Bronze :- Nelsons Teetha Granules

Best Baby Skin Care

Gold :- Little Aurelia Top To Toe Wash

Silver :- Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow

Bronze :- BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion

Best Baby Bottle

Gold :- Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Silver :- MAM Anti Colic Bottle

Bronze :- ComoTomo

Best Breast Feeding Accessories

Gold :- My Expert Midwife – No Harm Nipple Balm

Silver :- BBhugme nursing pillow

Bronze :- Weleda Nipple Balm

Best Breast feeding clothing

Gold :- Milky Tee Breast Feeding Tee

Silver :- Milk Top London – The Jersey

Bronze :-  Mumba Bra

Best Baby Food 

Gold :- Babease

Silver :- For Aisha

Bronze :- Piccolo

Best Baby Weaning Product

Gold :- Beaba Rose Gold – Baby Cook

Silver :- Philips Avent Combined Steamer/Blender

Bronze :-Silly Billyz – Messy Eater Bib

Best Bottle Feeding Must Have

Gold :- Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

Silver :- MAM – 2 in 1 steriliser

Bronze :- Beaba – Milk Second

Best Baby Wipes

Gold :- Aqua Wipes

Silver :- Mum & You

Bronze :- Dove

Best Sleep Accessory

Gold :- Sleepy Head

Silver :- Rockit Rocker

Bronze :- Gro friend – Light and sound sleep aid Ollie

Best Nursery Accessory

Gold :- Family Rule- personalised Ruler

Silver :- Gro- Gro Egg

Best Baby Carrier

Gold :- Baby Bjorn – Mini

Silver :- AmaWrap – Amawrap

Bronze :- Stokke – My Carrier

Best Baby Travel/ On the go product

Gold :- BabyHubShop – Sleepspace

Silver :- BabyBjorn – Travel Cot Light

Bronze :- Stars and Snuggles – Travel carseat wrap

Hero Pregnancy Product

Gold :- My Expert Midwife – Spritz for Bits

Silver :- Weleda – Perineum Oil

Bronze :- Nelsons- Spatone

Pregnancy Must Have

Gold :- My Expert Midwife – Spritz for Bits

Silver :- BBhug Me – Pregnancy Pillow

Bronze :-INTIMINA – Kegal pelvic floor

Best Breast pump

Gold :- MAM 2 in 1 single pump

Silver :-Nuby -Natural Pump

Pregnancy Skincare

Gold :- My Expert Midwife – Fantastic Skin Elastic

Silver :- Weleda – Stretch Mark Oil

Bronze :-Aurelia Skin care – Firm & replenish serum

Best Baby Shower Gift – For Mum
Gold :- My Expert Midwife – My Expert Midwife gift set collection

Silver :Merci Maman – Personalised New Baby Necklace.

Bronze :-Mum Bub Hub – PostPartum Gift set

Best Baby Shower Gift – For Baby

Gold :-Little Aurelia – Woodland gift set

Silver :- MORI – The Starter set

Bronze :- My 1st Years – Welcome home bundle

Bronze :-  Squidge & Smudge – Hand made outfits

Best Baby Gift Box

Gold :- Molly and Monty – Gift Set

Silver :- Beautiful Baby Gift Box

Bronze :- My 1st Years – Welcome Home


Gold :- My Expert Midwife – Spritz for Bitz

Silver :- Tommee Tippee –  Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle

Bronze :- Gro – Groswaddledry

Bronze :- Huggable Heros – Handmade personalised cuddly Toy



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