Charlie Crane Levo Rocker
28 Dec 2016

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker


Meet the gorgeous Charlie Crane Levo 

Rocker. this is an amazing piece of furniture for baby’s from birth to around seven months with a maximum weight of 12kgs. Your baby will be the most comfortable and most stylish baby in this rocker. The natural rocking softly follows the movement of your baby. 

The seat has a 3-point harness to keep your baby safe and is very easy to take off for washing at 40 degrees C.


ï Easily assembled within minutes

ï Modern to match with most interior

ï Natural rocking follows the movement of your baby

ï Perfect for infants from birth to 7 months or 12kgs.

Project Baby Say;- We have been waiting for a baby bouncer that fits with our ethos of simple, beautiful design and practicality and we have found it! The curved wooden frame gives the LEVO Baby Rocker by Charlie Crane the natural motion required to soothe baby.  
Suitable from birth to around 7 months.

Price: £149.99

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